Product Name



Product Barcode 9 556447 002004


Inner Outer Carton
12 Pcs Per Box 12 boxes per carton 535X395X323mm (0.068m3)


Individual pack size
Height Width Length Weight
151mm 25mm 90mm 20g


-Pacifier with cover
-Silicone teat

JAPLO Soothers are made from non-toxic, hygienically formed, natural bite-resistant material.

JAPLO soothers are specially designed to conform naturally to your baby’s mouth, satisfying baby’s natural needs. Compliant with International Standard: British Standard 5239 and Safety Toy Standard: EN71-3, you need not worry about your baby’s safety with all these safety standards being met!

Holistic and Dependable
JAPLO Soothers feature colourful combination of motifs and hues that stimulate your baby’s cognitive and visual development. It is a holistic effect which nurture’s the intuition, imagination, and creativity of your baby. The luminous handle gently glows in the dark allowing parents and baby to locate soothers easily during the night or in dark environments.

The Different Stages
At different stages of infancy, it is essential to use the correct teats to ensure proper dental development. The Newborn teat is smaller and shorter. This shape is suitable for your baby’s comfort and familiarity. The cherry teat is slightly bigger for developing babies. Olives are for babies with more bite while orthodontic teats are suitable for teething babies.

*Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that our manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilization and consumption
In Japlo, we pride ourselves in obtaining Malaysia’s Good design award for our innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, we are CE and SIRIM certified.
More importantly, for mothers who value the best health of their child, we are BPA free.

Pacifier Type Baby Age
Newborn 0-3 months
Cherry 3 months above
Olive 3 months above
Orthodontic 3 months above
Weight 22g
Types 100% SILICONE
Colour -
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