Japlo Easy Grip 360Ml

Japlo Easy Grip 360Ml

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- With streamlined shape and groove design for babies little hands to grip comfortably.

- Complete with 2 pieces of silicone teats, sipper spout, hood, screw cap and disc.

- Made of high quality food-grade polypropylene which is heat resistant to 120 °C and unbreakable tough.

- More importantly, for mothers who value the best health of their child, we are BPA free.

- With our patented Lukewarm Water Mixer design on the bottle, it is easy to mix baby formula with warm water.


- All bottles have smooth internal neck and no sharp edges, therefore no germ traps and is perfectly safe to use.

- Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that our manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilization and consumption.

- We pride ourselves in obtaining Malaysia’s Good design award for our innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, we are CE and SIRIM certified.

- Anti-Colic teat lets air into the bottle as your baby feeds. This stops the teat from collapsing, enabling him to get a steady stream without gulping air and cause colic in babies.

- Lukewarm Water Mixer is our revolutionary design. We are able to obtain the perfect ratio of room temperature water to hot water so that your baby will have the optimal temperature when they feed.


1. Firstly confirm the product's quality when you receive it.

2. Wash the bottle and puting with natural cleaner and warm water.

3. Soak in boiling water 1 - 2 minutes directly for sterilization.

4. Pour out the water, and let it dry.

5. Keep the product away from heat sources and sun exposure.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Cover, 2 Puting, 1 Screw Cap, 1 Bottle


Baby Bottle Size Baby Age

140ml 0-6 months

250ml 6-18 months above

360ml 6 months above

Nipple Size Baby Age

S 0-3 months

M 3 months above

L 3 months above

XL 3 months above

Multi Flow 3 months above

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