Japlo Nose Cleaner

Japlo Nose Cleaner

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- Special valve design ensures the mucus or air would not be sucked back into the nose.

- It will not incur injuries towards baby's nose mucous membrane with soft silicone rubber tube.

- Nose cleaning could be done frequently and continuosly without removing the silicone rubber tune.

- With cover to prevent dirt and dust.

- BPA Free.


1. Firstly confirm the product's quality when you receive it.

2. Wash it with natural cleaner and warm water.

3. Soak in boiling water 1 - 2 minutes directly for sterilization.

4. Keep the product away from heat sources and sun exposure.

5. Up to 120 ºC sterilization is allowed for every 15 days.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Nose Cleaner x 1

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