Drying Organizer / Rack

Drying Organizer / Rack

  • RM 39.00
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Japlo Drying Organizer hold up to 10 bottles, plus nipples, screw caps, covers and pacifiers. It can also be used for training cups.

Ideal for drying bottles of all shapes and sizes.

It has 10 long plastic prongs to hold 10 bottles. It also has 12 shorter prongs to hold screw caps, nipples, covers and pacifiers.

Measures approximately:

1) 500mm (L) x 190mm (W) x 200mm (H) in the open position, and

2) 90mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 200mm (H) when folded.

Conveniently folds away when not in use.

Bottles and accessories are not included.

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