Japlo Nail Clipper / Scissors

Japlo Nail Clipper / Scissors

  • RM 27.50
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- Japlo baby round point safety scissors and nail clipper are safest for baby.

- There are cover for both scissors and nail clipper for safety bring out and storage, prevent kids from hurting themselves.

- High quality stainless steel forging and forming, does not rust and long lasting.

- Dotted anti slip design on the clipper, safety for parents helping baby nail cutting.

- Blunt head design on the scissors for safety use.


1. Firstly confirm the product's quality when you receive it.

2. Use a clean cloth to clean the nail clipper and scissors.

3. Keep the product away from heat sources and sun exposure.

4. Use a dry cloth to wipe after using.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Scissors x 1, Nail Clipper x 1

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