Japlo Ipump Breastmilk Storage Bag - 6pcs

Japlo Ipump Breastmilk Storage Bag - 6pcs

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- Designed for convenient breast milk storage. It has a pouring spout.

- Japlo IPump Milk Storage Bag has the feature of self-standing.

- This product is pre-sterilized and ready to use.

- Double zip lock for extra strength and prevent leaking.

- 250ml bigger storage for safety and healthy freeze storage.

- The date, time and volume and recorded on the bag.


1. Firstly confirm the product's quality when you receive it.

2. Take 1 pcs of the storage bag and pour in the breast milk.

3. Storage with standing steadily in the refrigerator.

4. Take it out from the fridge and warm it for baby.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6 pcs/ 24 pcs storage bag per pack

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