Japlo Round Feeding Bottle 240ML

Japlo Round Feeding Bottle 240ML

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- Feeding bottle with cover and food grade silicone teat, can choose either handle or no handle.

- Bottle made with high quality food grade PP (polypropylene) material.

- The teat is sealed by the protective hood for simple shake and mixing for feed.

- BPA Free and non toxic, light weight and heat resistance to 120 °C.

- Easy to clean with any bottle brush. No germ trap and dirt residues.


- Babies little hands grip comfortably with round shape bottle.

- Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that our manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilization and consumption.

- Anti-flatulence puting lets air into the bottle as your baby feeds.

- 120ML & 240ML can use on different situations, the 120ML is suitable for carrying out.

- Babies can learn to hold the bottle well with the handle when they are small.


1. Firstly confirm the product's quality when you receive it.

2. Wash the bottle and puting with natural cleaner and warm water.

3. Soak in boiling water 1 - 2 minutes directly for sterilization.

4. Pour out the water, and let it dry.

5. Keep the product away from heat sources and sun exposure.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Cover, 1 Puting, 1 Screw Cap, 1 Bottle, 1 Handle (if you order the handle model)


Baby Bottle Size Baby Age

120ml 0-6 months

240ml 6 months above

Nipple Size Baby Age

S 0-3 months

M 3 months above

L 3 months above

XL 3 months above

Multi Flow 3 months above

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