PolyGlass is the new generation of co-polyester. It represents the future of baby bottles

Polyglass is a high clarity material similar to glass with the flexibility of plastic. More importantly, it is BPA free and safe for your baby.

The research of PolyGlass started few years ago. It went through numerous and vigorous laboratory testing that materials for food industries go through. Some of the most important test are FDA Part 175-181 and SGS IEC 62321-5-2013 which are recognized by most countries in the world.

PolyGlass is an Eco-friendly bio co-polyester which is created using natural materials based on the extract from plant materials. It does not release the xenoestrogen, Bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA is a xenoestrogen mimics endocrine hormones and thus has the unintended and possibly far-reaching effects on people with physical contact with the chemical and is present in some plastic materials.

PolyGlass is an excellent resin which have chemical resistance and food stain resistance among the transparent resin used in food contact applications. Its low oxygen permeability is useful for food storage container such as the airtight container and baby feeding bottles.

Other than meeting the requirements of baby feeding bottles, PolyGlass have the following qualities.

-BPA free

-High heat deflection temperature.

-High impact-hardness (similar to glass)

-High gloss and clarity

-Elemental migration free

-Heavy metal content free

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