SEO 12 Simple Ways To Make A Smarter Baby

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The first year of your baby’s life is crucial for his development. Try these fun activities to stimulate your little ones.

Baby development experts believe that the first year of a child’s life are a prime time for learning. “Babies’ brains are adaptable and mouldable (called brain plasticity), which means that there is a willingness and an adaptability to learn new tasks,” explains occupational therapist Jacqui Couper in her book The Precious Years: A Guide to Early Childhood Development – Birth to Three Years.

Activities for babies from 4 to 6 months

Your little one is becoming more responsive to his surroundings and to the people he sees every day.

  • Encourage your little one to reach out and interact with his image in a mirror, by pointing out his “friends”.
  • Use toys with sound to attract his attention, and encourage him to follow the noise.
  • Incorporate as much tummy time as possible and encourage your little one to reach for toys just out of his grasp.

Activities for babies from 6 to 9 months

Babies at this age start using their arms and legs to move from the sitting to the crawling position when they want to reach toys.

  • Talk to your baby and explain what you are doing and where you are going. It might sound like you’re talking to yourself but you’d be amazed to know just how much your little one can already understand at this point.
  • Place toys at the sides of your baby while he is sitting, not just in front of him. This will help to encourage his sitting balance.
  • Give your little one toys with different shapes, textures and weights to play with.

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Activities for babies from 9 to 12 months

From now on there is no stopping your baby from moving and exploring, so be vigilant.

  • This may be challenging for small babies, but encourage your baby to look inside containers and to take small objects out and put them back.
  • Make a picture-book of all the familiar people in your baby’s life. This will help to develop your baby’s memory.
  • Bath time is not only fun for little ones, but is filled with learning opportunities. Babies can feel the water with their hands, catch a floating boat and pour the bath water from cups. Give your little one appropriate toys to play with during bath time.
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