Eczema (pronounced eg-zuh-MUH and also referred to as atopic dermatitis) is a skin condition that causes the affected area to be dry, itchy, red and inflamed. It affects approximately 20% of children – with the first episode occurring before the age of 2 – and usually shows up on the cheeks and scalp first, before spreading to other areas such as the wrist, the back of the knees and more.

While eczema isn’t contagious and tends to come and go, it can be extremely uncomfortable for the child. Leaving it untreated will cause the child to scratch at the affected area – which will in turn make it even more unsightly or worse, lead to infections. As of today, scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly causes eczema, but genetics are thought to play a strong role.

Having said that, there are a few ways in which you can relieve the symptoms (1-2) and prevent future flare-ups (3-5):

1. Apply a cold compress to the affected area

Cold compresses take only a few minutes to make and will do wonders in calming down the skin. Just make sure to lift the compress after every 10 minutes to prevent frostbites.

2. Apply a good quality cream to affected areas

Our soon-to-launch ApplecrumbyTM Ultimate Rescue Cream is perfect for the treatment of eczema due to its highly potent and yet natural & organic ingredients. Watch as your baby’s eczema diminish with regular application!

3. Identify and remove the triggers 

The most common eczema triggers include heat, dry air, their own saliva, infection, irritants and dry skin. Identifying and removing the triggers will help tremendously in keeping their eczema under control.

4. Keep their skin moisturised

Identify the areas usually affected by eczema and make sure they are moisturised at all times (as dry skin is a common trigger). The safe and natural ApplecrumbyTM Super Soft Lotion is a favourite of mummies thanks to its high moisture content! It hydrates and instantly rejuvenates dry and rash-prone areas effectively.

5. Avoid using chemical-laden products 

Since skin allergens and irritants abound in mass-market chemical-laden products, switching to chemical-free versions will reduce the incidents of flare-ups. Try switching your laundry detergent to ApplecrumbyTM‘s Baby Laundry Detergent (safe on sensitive baby skin, naturally scented and free from ALL chemical nasties) to keep eczema at bay.


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