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Welcome to Japlo Baby & Healthcare where we strive to provide our customers an array of products that satisfy demand for quality and efficiency. Buy our products from Shopee Mall in a worry-free manner as we guarantee 100% authenticity. Shopping can’t get any easier than this, so start today!

Thick & Soft
99.9% pure water
Alcohol free
Paraben free
Open lid has reseal prevention function
Safety and unlimited comfort for baby
Can use for hand and mouth wet tissue

Japlo Baby wipes utilized the latest technology in wipes manufacturing.

The secret ingredient to rhe toxic free wipes is just plain water, with a bit of vitamin C.

Cytolysis, or osmotic lysis, occurs when a cell bursts due to an osmotic imbalance that has caused excess water to diffuse into the cell. Thus, using a mechanical action, we are able to destroy bacteria in a environmentally friendly way. Using chemicals may provide a better result, but in the long run, bacterias are able to adapt to use of chemicals.

Ascorbic acid uses in the food industry are due to the fact that it is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are one type of preservative that helps delay food spoiling that occurs due to bacteria, fungi, yeasts, mold and air exposure. The FDA says that antioxidants also prevent fats and oils in foods from becoming rancid and tasting bad as well as preventing fresh fruit from turning brown. For Japlo Baby wipes, we use only ascorbic acid as a stabilizer for our baby wipes.

Our wipes are made of non woven materials and is one of the thickest in the market. It can hold a lot of water when compared to other major brands in the market. 

Thick & Soft. 99.9% pure water wipes. General Purpose. Alcohol free. Paraben free. Open lid has reseal prevention function. Safety and unlimited comfort for skin. Can use for hand and mouth wet tissue.



Baby Wipes Type

General Purpose, Scented, Unscented


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