Japlo Easy Grip Feeding Bottle with 2 Silicone Nipples (360ml)

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With streamlined shape for babies little hands to grip comfortably.
Easy mix the milk powder with warm water using both hands twisting the bottle vertically.
Complete with 2 pieces of silicone teats, sipper spout, hood, screw cap and disc.
Made of high quality food-grade polypropylene.
Non-toxic, unbreakable and heat resistant to 120oC.
Smooth internal reck, no sharp edges and no germ traps.

*Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that our manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilization and consumption
In Japlo, we pride ourselves in obtaining Malaysia’s Good design award for our innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, we are CE and SIRIM certified.

More importantly, for mothers who value the best health of their child, we are BPA free.

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