Japlo Premium Kit [Combo Set]



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Japlo PP 260ml Feeding Bootle

Streamlined shape for easy grip
Made of high quality food-grade polypropelene

Japlo Nappy Pin 4’s

Japlo Nappy Pins are made of high quality material which are durable and easy to use.
Available in various colours to brighten up baby’s nappies.
It has a specially designed safety lock.
Stainless steel.

Japlo Nane Sillicone Nipple – S

2 pieces
Fits wide-neck & standard bottles

Japlo Sport Man New Born Soother With Cover (PM26)

Pacifier with cover
Inspired by legends
0 – 3 months
Silicone teat

Japlo Rotating Nursery Brush

Easy way of cleaning the feeding bottle.
Dual function – vertical and rotating.
Specially designed handle that can hang on the hook for drying.
Rotating angled handle for easier cleaning.
Dotted grip handle for easier holding.
Specially curved design on the handle to prevent it from damaging the bottle gate.
High density nylon brush suitable for washing the bottle properly.

Japlo Soother Holder

Prevents lost or dropped soothers
Made of non-toxic materials
Exceeds all safety standards

Japlo Baby Feeding Bowls

Available in two colors
Available in two sizes
3 set in a box
Can be sterilizing
Dishwasher & freezer safe

Japlo Baby Plates

Available in three colors
Available in three sizes
Spill-proof3 set in a box
Can be sterilizing
Dishwasher & freezer safe
Japlo Fork And Spoon

Japlo Baby Feeding Spoons & Forks is available in three colors which are blue, green and pink.
Consist of two sets of spoons and forks in a box.
It can be sterilize using boiling water for cleanliness.
Dishwasher and freezer safe.

Japlo iPump Milk Storage Bag – 6pcs

Convenient storage.
Pouring spout.
Ready to use.
Has a double zip lock.

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