Feeding Bottle

Japlo Feeding bottles are designed to fit into your baby's hand.
All our bottle is outfitted with the lukewarm water mixer that
you can easily mix the perfect temperature.

Japlo Easy Grip

With streamlined shape for babies little hands to grip comfortably. Easy mix the milk powder with the warm water using both hand twisting the bottle vertically. Complete with 2 pieces of silicone teats, sipper spout, hood, screw cap and disc. Made of high qualoty food-grade polypropylene. Non-toxic, unbreakable and heat resistant to 120ºC. Smooth internal reck, no sharp edges and no germ traps.


Japlo’s pacifier have been specially designed in
different shape to form naturally in baby’s mouth.


All Japlo Nipples uses safe materials that is non toxic. All our nipples are anti colic so that your baby will not experience discomfort after feeding.

Our premium range featuring some of the most cutting edge design and design philosophy.
Ergonomic design to suit your baby any time anywhere.

Japlo Nane PP

Nane PP 260ml feeding bottle is made of high quality food-grade polypropylene. The squat shape bottle is specially designer to hold in the most comfortable and natural position during bottle feeding. The unique bottle design allows parents to hold the bottle closer into the body and turn baby towards them thus enjoying closeness with baby during feeding. 

Japlo iPump

The most sophisticated intelligent breast pump on the market. Featuring easy charge as well as additional function to ease your breast feeding needs.


Our brand is the one stop solution to all your baby care needs. You can find all baby care items up to 3 years old in our online shop.
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